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Manufacture of binding machines and tying machine

The ARC company - Atelier de Recherches et de conceptions - is located in Offranville in Normandy.


Founded in 1988, ARC took over JOUTEL in 1989 and became one of the leading manufactures of binding machines.

Our machines use elastic (standard or food-grade), synthetic raffia or adhesive tape and are used in the following sectors :

  • Market gardening and horticulture
  • Tying bundles of vegetables and herbs
  • Tying cut flowers
  • Tying of of plants by rose growers and nursery gardeners
  • Industry
  • Tying of coils or cable bundles
  • Bunding of different items of industrial hardware
  • Tying of fabric lots for garment manufacture and the textile industry
  • Bunding of lots for packaging machines (brushes, kitchen ustensils, tools, etc...)
  • Tying of various parts for automotive manufacturers (belt, hoses, mechanical parts, etc...)
  • Meat-based production
  • Tying of small roasting joints or products made from meat or fish (paupiettes, parcels, etc..)
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