Tying machines.Binding machines from meat and fish

Designed in stainless steel, these ARC binding machines use food-grade binding materials to tie up small roasting joints and products made from meat and fish.

Meat tying machine - "FR1" type


Tying machine type FR1 poufor meat and chicken.

Thanks to its patented knotting part fully closed, the tying machine FR1 respond to every safety and hygienic norms.

The FR1 meet the increasing requierements of the meat processing industry.

Binding machine - "SSB" type


Tying machines for food-grade industry

Tying small products is no longer a problem with the "SSB" stainless steel binding machine. It is hygienic, easy to clean, robust and simple to use.

The "SSB" is the most advanced product in this field and benefits from improved quality, performance, reliability and ease of use.

Automatic line - "IPA" type


Automatic tying machine for meat and fish

Our "IPA" automatic line is used for tying products such as paupiettes of veal, pork and chicken, but also products made with fish.

It can be used to produce products tied with two or more strings.